Firefighters Memorial


Wilmington Firefighters Memorial

The Wilmington Firefighters Memorial was built to honor the 8 Wilmington firefighters who perished in the line of duty while faithfully serving the community. The memorial also features a piece of steel from the World Trade Center as the centerpiece to remember the fallen firefighters and public servants who were lost on 9/11. The memorial is located at WFD Firehouse #2 on Park Avenue in front of Empie Park. Please stop by and visit the memorial anytime.
The centerpiece of the memorial is a steel artifact recovered from the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York City. Surrounding this somber piece of American History are individual monuments honoring Wilmington’s fallen firefighters including garden spots, restful benches, and shade trees. The walkway through the memorial is constructed of pavers etched with personalized messages and the names of loved ones being honored or memorialized.


 Wilmington Firefighters Lost in the Line of Duty

-1932 Assistant Chief William P. Monroe
-1933 Chief Charles Schnibben 
-1935 Lieutenant Raymond D. Core 
-1941 Lieutenant Emmett A. Williamson 
-1956 Firefighter Oscar D. Willis 
-1972 Captain Burleigh Scotton 
-1987 Assistant Chief Harold L. Sandlin                      -2014 Captain Eric Lacewell

Wilmington Firefighters Memorial

WFD Fire Station #2  -  3403 Park Avenue  -  Wilmington, NC 28403