Wilmington Firefighters Foundation – Who we are


Our Approach

The Wilmington Firefighters Foundation believes that the firefighters of the Wilmington Fire Department deserve the help they need during pressing times. The Foundation has a history of being there for our members and will continue to do so for years to come, all the while, continuing to seek opportunities to support the community.

Our Story

Previously known as the benevolent fund, the historical function of the Foundation was providing flowers and donations at the services of deceased family members of the organization. In addition, the Foundation acknowledged the dedicated service of retiring members of the WFD by presenting them with an inscribed wrist watch at their Foundation organized retirement party. With help from the Wilmington Professional Firefighters Association, the Foundation also organizes an annual Christmas party for all retired members to attend.

The Wilmington Firefighters Foundation has grown considerably over the past few years. The biggest step forward was organizing as a Federally recognized non-profit organization. This allowed the organization a means to receive funds through donations and fundraising events to provide a greater level of support resources for our members and the community. The future of the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation looks bright and we are extremely excited about the new opportunities to provide support to those in need. If you would like to support the Foundation please visit our support page.


Support the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation

Please help us to provide much needed service to our firefighters and members of the community who have suffered from disaster and have endured terrible loss