Wilmington Firefighters Foundation – What we do

Assistance to WFD Firefighters

The main focus of the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation is to provide a variety of resources to help our member firefighters get the support they need when experiencing severe hardship and difficulties in life. The Foundation is a reliable resource that helps our firefighters confidently perform their jobs without encumbrance. Knowing that the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation resources are available both on and off the job solidifies the historical Brotherhood of Wilmington Firefighters.


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Giving Back to the Community

The Wilmington Firefighters Foundation provides opportunities for our firefighters to offer assistance to community members struck by tragic events. The firefighters that respond to catastrophic incidents that forever change the lives of their patients become emotionally tied to that incident. Because of this, the firefighters that respond to the incident do not experience the closure that others more closely related to the victims do with the passing of time. The Wilmington Firefighters Foundation reaches out to the victims of such incidents to find and meet their needs. This allows the firefighters to continue their dedicated service by providing much needed care and support to those affected by extreme circumstances.


Support the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation

By supporting the Wilmington Firefighters Foundation you will be helping to assist the firefighters who make sacrifices each day to ensure the safety of the community. Please consider making a financial contribution to ensure that our mission continues to benefit not only our firefighters but members of the community facing hardship as well.